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Weber & Weber: Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers in North Hollywood, CA

At Weber & Weber, our personal injury attorneys in North Hollywood, CA understand fully that no one is immune to another’s negligence and the injuries that can result from accidents that occur in our city can be devastating. Our Los Angeles County city has just over 87,000 residents, but we play host to millions of visitors from around the world each year who are peering into the fame and fortune North Hollywood lends, along with its celebrity neighbor to the south.

While California is an exciting state, with warm weather and world-famous attractions, our North Hollywood accident attorneys know all too well that being injured by another’s negligence can change your life in an instant. We can help you return to the quality of life you enjoyed before your accident by pursuing the negligent party who caused your personal injury for financial recovery. Our legal approach will give you the time you need to heal without the worry of mounting medical bills and lost wages. For more than two decades, we have served North Hollywood residents to ensure all accident injury victims have a chance to recover fully and regain their confidence and happiness.

Universal Studios: North Hollywood’s Largest Employer

The world-renowned Universal Studios is situated directly on the border between North Hollywood and Hollywood and is easily accessible through one of our NoHo main streets.

The park is a highly sought-after destination, and in January of 2017 set an attendance record; reaching capacity for the first time in its history, closing the park to newly arriving visitors. While the park is an exciting adventure, North Hollywood is also home to our famed CityWalk section that is adorned with free attractions, restaurants, theaters, and art houses.

In addition, North Hollywood is home to the:

Weber & Weber Personal Injury Practice Areas in North Hollywood, CA

Being involved in an accident does not have to define who you are, or how your family proceeds financially. At Weber & Weber, our North Hollywood personal injury attorneys will help you pursue the negligent party who caused your accident to recover the money you need to return to your previous quality of life.

At Weber & Weber, our North Hollywood personal injury practice areas include:

If you have been injured in any capacity, contact us today. No case is too small or large. We want to help.

Legionnaires Disease in North Hollywood, CA

Legionnaires Disease is contracted through man-made water systems that are designed for various reasons, which can include betterment, entertainment, and necessity.

Examples of water systems that can grow, spread and infect humans with Legionnaires Disease include:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the bacteria that grow in these systems stems from stagnant, warm water, which creates a hazardous biofilm on the surface of the water. When this biofilm is inhaled by humans through small water particles, it becomes incredibly dangerous.

The CDC states that approximately 1 in 10 people who contract Legionnaires will die from the infection, while others will become ill and require medical care. Contracting the disease is completely out of the control of the person who becomes ill and can only be prevented through cleaning measures that the water system’s owner takes to avoid the infection.

If you or a loved one have contracted Legionnaires Disease, contact our personal injury attorneys in North Hollywood, so we can investigate the source, and hold the negligent person or company responsible for your illness.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys in North Hollywood, CA Today

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from another’s negligent act, contact our personal injury attorneys in North Hollywood, CA at Weber & Weber today at (818) 208-1597 to schedule a free consultation. We would like to hear the details of your case now, so you can begin the road to recovery without delay. Our Personal Injury attorneys North Hollywood work for you, and if we do not win your case, you do not owe us anything.

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