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At the Law Offices of Weber & Weber, our Glendale, CA auto accident attorneys have protected the rights of our Los Angeles County clients for over 20 years. Our experienced Glendale auto accident lawyers and staff have collaborated to secure more than $20 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients, and our commitment to our community will allow our Glendale personal injury law firm to continue that victorious trend for decades to come.

Auto Accident Injury Statistics in Glendale, California, and Throughout the United States

The Centers for Disease Control list motor vehicle crashes as one of the leading causes of injury and death and the United States. At the Law Offices of Weber & Weber, our Glendale, CA auto accident attorneys have represented those who were directly injured in these accidents, as well as family members who are caring for their injured loved ones, and those who have lost a family member to the negligence of another in Wrongful Death cases.

The auto accident statistics throughout the country, in California, and right here in Glendale, CA are staggering.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded:

In the same year, the Department of Transportation recorded traffic-related accident statistics, and reported:

Throughout the State of California, the NHTSA reported:

The California Highway Patrol reported traffic-related injuries in the state last year, including:

Locally, in Glendale, CA the California Office of Traffic Safety reported city-wide statistics, including:

No case, or its overall makeup, is too large or small for our Glendale auto & truck accident attorneys. We simply want to lead our clients successfully through the process, so they do not have to suffer from another’s negligence.

Facing the driver who caused your injuries, or their insurance company, alone can lead to substantially lower settlements, that may not cover your complete medical care and financial recovery needs. Or worse, no settlement at all. Do not allow insurance representatives to manipulate your statement or trick you into admitting fault after an accident. Contact our accomplished auto accident attorneys in Glendale, CA today to direct all conversations through our office, so you do not have to endure the stress of these negotiations.

Common Auto Accident Injuries in Glendale, CA

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Glendale, CA, your injuries are going to require medical care, and can often lead to time away from work, which means loss of income, in addition to the property damage to your vehicle. Each injury and its requirements to heal vary, and the costs associated with restoring your physical and mental abilities can be life-changing.

The most common auto accident injuries in Glendale, CA include:

Whether your auto accident injuries are clear-cut, like a broken arm, or are complicated, on-going medical trauma cases, like head and brain injuries, our Glendale, CA motorcycle accident attorneys and auto accident attorneys will provide the best representation available in the State of California.

At Law Offices of Weber & Weber, Our Practice Areas in Glendale, CA Include:

Contact Our Auto Accident Attorneys in Glendale, CA Today for a Free Consultation

If you have been involved in an auto accident, seek medical care for your injuries right away, and then call the auto accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Weber & Weber in Glendale, CA at (818) 502-9200 to schedule a free consultation. Our dedicated Glendale auto accident lawyers will outline an aggressive legal approach to holding the person who caused your injuries responsible today, so you can focus on your physical and emotional improvement going forward.

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