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The Law Offices of Weber & Weber: Successful Dog Bite Attorneys in Glendale, CA

With nearly 90 million dogs living in the United States, it is unreasonable to believe that each is well-behaved, up-to-date on vaccines, or owned by individuals who take the proper care in ensuring these animals do not attack or bite. Negligent pet ownership can lead to serious dog bite injuries in Glendale, CA, and our Glendale dog bite attorneys have represented the victims of these traumatic accidents with remarkable success.

Our Los Angeles County dog bite and pedestrian accident attorneys focus our efforts on getting you the maximum recovery amount possible. The important thing to understand is that whether you know the dog owner or the dog personally or not, our Glendale dog bite lawyer can pursue the owner and their insurance company for the damages sustained during a dog bite, including medical care and the lost income you sustained from taking time away from work to heal.

Dog Bite Statistics Throughout the United States

Dog bites are common throughout California and the United States, but the frequency of these attacks does not diminish the severity of the injuries, or the potentially lengthy medical care necessary to return the victim to their previous physical state.

The Centers for Disease Control recorded that in the United States each year:

The Dogs Bite Organization, a national dog bite victims’ group, lists the following statistics from 2017:

Common Dog Bite Injuries in Glendale, CA

The physical and emotional trauma associated with dog bites can take a lifetime to overcome. The pain and anxiety a dog bite victim endure during an attack can have far-reaching effects on their overall well-being. Our dog bite personal injury lawyers in Glendale, CA have twenty years of experience in helping victims heal from their attacks by pursuing the dog’s owner for the injuries their pet inflicted.

Common dog bite injuries in Glendale, CA include:

Dog bites, whether they are singular or the result of an attack, are serious medical conditions that require immediate attention. What’s more is that the treatment necessary can be expensive, lengthy and life-changing.

What to Do After a Dog Bite in Glendale, CA

If you suffer from a dog bite or attack, take the following steps to ensure you can hold the negligent owner responsible for your injuries.

Step One: Gather dog, owner, and veterinarian information.

If the dog’s owner is available, record their name, contact information, and if possible, take a picture of the dog. You may need to request the full records from their veterinarian, if the owner does not have them on hand, so be sure to ask for his or her name, too.

Step Two: Clean the dog bite wound with soap and water immediately.

If you can reach those resources without hurting yourself further, clean the wound immediately after the bite occurs. Since dogs carry over 60 types of bacteria in their mouths, the sooner you can clean the wound, the better.

Step Three: Seek medical care without delay.

The extent of your wounds is unknown without a medical professional’s opinion and care. Even if the bite seems mild, you may require treatment for possible infections or diseases that the dog can pass along. Never wait to seek care or evaluate the injury yourself. The more time that goes by between the onset of the bite and the receipt of care can be life-changing. Do not delay. Get medical help fast to ensure your overall safety.

Step Four: Contact Glendale Dog Bite Attorney at The Law Offices of Weber & Weber.

A dog bite is more than a simple accident. The costs associated with these bites can skyrocket, and you should never be left to pay those expenses out of pocket. Allow our Glendale personal injury law firm to help you recover the financial settlement you are entitled to.

At Law Offices of Weber & Weber, Our Practice Areas in Glendale, CA Include:

Contact Our Dog Bite Attorneys in Glendale, CA Today for a Free Consultation

If you have been injured in a dog bite accident in Glendale, CA, contact the experienced Glendale dog bite attorneys and wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices of Weber & Weber today at (818) 502-9200 to schedule a free consultation. We will walk you through the legal process and devise a specific plan to pursue the dog’s owner for financial recovery that fits your physical and emotional injuries today.

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